One hundred years of experience in the shipping business

Our company provides the following services for P & I Clubs, Insurance Companies, Shipowners and Charterers involved in the shipping and land transport:

WE PROVIDE SERVICESthat stand out for their quality

Ship surveys

  • Condition and pre-entry surveys.
  • Hull & Machinery inspections.
  • On-Off hire & bunker surveys.
  • Collisions & ship damages.
  • Pollution incidents.
  • Grain stability calculation.
  • Pier and berthing damages.
  • Preloading inspection.
  • Ultrasonic test equipment.

Cargo surveys

  • Preloading inspections.
  • Loss and damage survey.
  • Loading and unloading tally controls.
  • Loss weight/spillage.
  • Weighing and temperature control surveys.
  • Draft surveys.
  • Damaged cargo salvage and recovery proceedings.
  • Ultrasonic test equipment.

Personal / Crew

  • Stowaways.
  • Crew illness, hospitalization & medical costs.
  • Assistance to Master.

Commercial & legal assistance

  • Arrest and guarantees.
  • Fines and administrative proceedings.
  • Assistance to Master for signing documents.
  • Claims consultants.

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